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Diesel Fuel Injection
The reliable effective power and the low fuel consumption of diesel injection systems require a high precision operation. With these systems, the fuel injected in the engine cylinder under high pressure and at the appropriate time so that the power is reached. For this purpose, different system are use for these injection, as its application and needs. They are known as fuel pumps or diesel injection systems.

Injector Unity System
The USI system incorporates high pressure pump and nozzles in one compact unit for each cylinder engine. The USI replaces the conventional nozzle systems, with no high-pressure pipes, which enables the achievement of very high pressure valves.

Injector Pumps
The trustworthiness of the brands Denso, Delphi, Bosch and Zexel comes of its histories as innovation companies in technology and its capacity to create new products. About 7% of the global invoicing of the Bosch group is invested in research and development of the new technologies, registering more than 2000 patents per year. They are about 18500 employees working exclusively in this area.

The injection electronic controls systems represent a major step in the development of diesel engine. The Bosch common rail system represents the newest technology used in the electronic injection system.

In the system the generation of pressure and fuel injection are separated which means the pump creates a high pressure that is available for all injectors through a common tube distributor. This pressure can be controlled independently of the rotation of the motor. The fuel pressure, injection start and end are precisely by the control unit information obtained from the various sensors installed on the engine, which deliver excellent performance, low noise and minimal emission. This is fully flexible system can be installed for the passenger cars and even trucks and buses. It represents a huge potential for the future application in diesel engines.

Diesel Parts Centre has the latest generation equipment for testing and maintenance of common rail injection units for all brands

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